Hai ..this web will give you an information about artist , album , lyric , cover album and some tutorial.

Hope You will enjoy here

– MasterComp


  1. erarock says:

    Sorry bro..i still manage this site

  2. Mckagan says:

    thank you for all that you made!!!
    many , many thanks for a tonnes of info and atrwork!

    best regards……….
    Artem aka McKagan

  3. jamli says:

    unfortunately…..sgt-sgt susah nok dapatkan album retro..

  4. shahrizal says:

    Mel toki 1992
    Januari 12 instumenta
    Misteri mentari malam
    Pesian cunta

  5. shahrizal says:

    UG 14 1991
    Dunia ciptaan

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