Suffercation – In Sufferance ’95 – (1995)

Posted: July 12, 2007 in Suffercation

Suffercation – In Sufferance ’95 – (1995)

album ke 3

Master Info:

Inhumance Touch
Burnt By The Moon
I Call

Death To My Vision
Imprisoned by Blackened Sin
False Honour
Beyond The 7Th Gate

P & C 1995 valentine sound production sdn bhd

produced by: Ly razak
engineered by JIG
asstnt eng: reza
studio: king studio
typing list: ain
mixed: jacky , Ly

All lyric by LY razak except suffocation
by rizal undertaker taken from demo 1990


sham – vocal & backing vokal
kamal – lead and rythm guitars
rob razak – lead , rythm and bass guitar
LY razak – drums and tamborine

p/s: satu2 nye album group nie yang master beli dulu hehehhe


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